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The Total Somatics Online Program Consists Of:


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    Lowers Stress Response

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    Increases Body Awareness

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    Improves Focus


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    Retrain Your Brain

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    Increase Neural Connections

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    Shrink Stress Centres

Movement Education

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    Improve Mobility

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    Ease Muscle Tension

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    Relax Mind & Body

What is Somatics?

Somatics is a field within health which focuses on increasing internal awareness to both physical and mental perception or feedback. Gentle movement sequences are created to help break chronically tight muscles and improve mobility. Somatics involves mind and body communication by improving neural pathways in your brain to break old bad habits such as poor posture and re educate the body back to better health.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a skill you can develop. It involves practices which require you to be fully present and focused on an activity or task. Developing the skill of mindfulness helps you to become less reactive and more responsive to events or experiences. Mindfulness is the key component used within the field of Somatics to accelerate your personal practice.

How Somatics Helps With...

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Stiffness/RSI > Read More
Stress/Anxiety > Read More
Neck,Shoulder Pain/Headaches > Read More
Shallow Breathing/Rib pain > Read More
Hip Pain/Tight Hip Flexors > Read More

At Total Somatics Our Approach Is To Help With:

  • Reducing Pain

  • Improving Posture

  • Reducing Anxiety

  • Releasing Tight Muscles

  • Increase Range Of Movement

  • Reducing Back Pain

  • Retrain Your Brain

  • Regain Your Quality Of Life

somatics classes

The Total Somatics Approach To Health & Wellness

Movement Patterns Part 1 & 2

Movement Patterns Part 1 teaches you both the knowledge and skills to change old habitual muscular patterns. The habitual patterns can create pain, limited mobility, poor posture and tension.

Movement Patterns Part 2 is a fantastic companion to Part 1. It builds on the knowledge and skills in Part 1. This program continues to combine mindfulness with Total Somatics. You will learn how to become Somatically aware in your daily life, whilst reducing pain, improving posture, increasing mobility and returning to the activities you love to do.

There is already so much content and we will continue to add more all the time so that you can develop a great new skillset with amazing benefits.

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