Focused Attention & Clinical Somatic Movement

Hello! How are you? I hope you have having a good week. I cannot believe June is coming to a close this week! Wow! The months fly! xx Thank you for so many beautiful comments and feedback, I really love hearing from you. Keep your comments flowing my way. xx EXCITING NEWS!As you may be aware, I have some very exciting and special news that will be announced very soon. There will be an [...]

Embodiment & Clinical Somatic Movement

Hello! How are you? xx I hope your week is going really well. Thank you for your lovely comments about my recent podcasts, it is great delving into the intelligence we have and how we can harness it for better health. My latest podcast delves further into the subject of embodiment. I mention how incredible our Soma is and recall the intelligence with my sister's recovery. I have since noticed her beautiful comments below the YouTube [...]

Stimulating Environments, Learning & Clinical Somatic Movement

Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. xx I am really exciting about my surprise news which I will tell you as soon as I can!! Many of you keep asking what it could possibly be!! Once it has launched, I will let you know immediately!! The secrecy is killing me!! If you are subscribed to my blogs and podcasts, I will be announcing my incredibly special and exciting announcement [...]

Competitive Plasticity & Clinical Somatic Movement

Hello! How are you? xx It has been lovely welcoming new friends into the Total Somatics membership. We have had an action packed weekend within the membership! Thank you for all your lovely messages and comments. xx If you missed enrolment for the Total Somatics Membership, CLICK HERE to join the WAIT LIST. From time to time, we open the doors for 48 hours. So if you are on the WAITLIST, you will be notified immediately. Stay [...]