The Importance of Making Somatic Movements Slow & Small

Hello! How are you? I hope you have had a wonderful week, so far. xx Thank you for sending all your questions and challenges through. I am working through them methodically and it is allowing me to see what you would like me to cover in my FREE ONLINE event which I will announce closer to the date. The second half of this year will be action packed, full of lots of exciting events and announcements. So [...]

Addressing Weight Transfer through your Feet

Hello! How are you? xx How is your week going? I hope things are running smoothly for you. xx I have some lovely news and updates with you. 🎧 Latest Podcast Episode: Addressing Weight Transfer through Your Feet In my latest podcast episode, I delve into the fascinating topic of weight transfer through your feet. It is a subject I cover in detail with many of my clients, both online and in my clinic. It is a really [...]

How to Release Neck, Jaw & Shoulder Tension

Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. xx Join me for a free online event where I will address your questions and challenges directly. Submit your questions to with the heading, 'Questions for Heidi.' Once I collect your questions and challenges, I will announce a date and time for us to get together online. Latest Podcast I am pleased to share my latest podcast episode on Releasing Neck, Jaw, and Shoulder Tension.These areas often hold stress, and [...]

Resilience, Mindset & Focus

Hello! How are you? xx It has been a very special week because I have just celebrated my 200th podcast episode. It is thanks to you I continue to create content because I receive so many messages and comments, that it helps me to meet you where you are at with your health and wellbeing. xx To celebrate, here is a very short video.... To celebrate my 200th episode, I invited a good friend to join the show. [...]

Focused Attention & Clinical Somatic Movement

Hello! How are you? I hope you have having a good week. I cannot believe June is coming to a close this week! Wow! The months fly! xx Thank you for so many beautiful comments and feedback, I really love hearing from you. Keep your comments flowing my way. xx EXCITING NEWS!As you may be aware, I have some very exciting and special news that will be announced very soon. There will be an [...]