Rib Release Audio Sequence

Do you suffer with neck pain? Are you a shallow breather? Do you suffer with anxiety and prone to hyperventilation? Do you suffer with shoulder problems? Do you find your digestive system can be erratic, sometimes happy, other times constipated, cramping or the sensation of butterflies? Did you know poor rib mobility can contribute towards these issues?

In this audio I will guide you through a sequence to increase space between your ribs, improve the depth of your breathing, improve the actions of your diaphragm, target rib imbalances caused by scoliosis plus reduce neck and shoulder issues. This is an excellent sequence to reset your central nervous system if you have had an anxiety attack. You increase your internal awareness to how you breathe, slow down your central nervous system and bring full movement back to your rib cage.

This audio last 19 minutes and is yours to keep permanently after purchase. Regular practise of the rib release sequence will help you take control of your anxiety attacks, improve rib mobility, reduce pain associated with scoliosis, improve digestive function and increase the amount of oxygen feeding and nourishing your muscles, tissues and cells.

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