Ongoing Learning

This section builds on your knowledge from Steps 1-4 of both movement patterns part 1 and 2. The mindset video shown below will complement the Somatic audio sequences. As you perform your chosen Somatic audio sequence below, allow yourself to apply the principles outlined in the mindset videos that you have watched over the previous steps. This will increase your mindfulness skills during your Somatic exercises and in your daily activities.

Mindset Video

Visualisation/Motor Planning.

The importance of visualisation with Somatics.

This video includes a visualisation exercise.

Your Limbic System - Stress & Inflammation

In this workshop learn how the limbic system influences your Stress & inflammation levels.

This workshop highlights the importance of Mindful Total Somatic Movement & other audio classes below.

Mindful Somatic Breathing Audios

The audios in this section help to increase mind & body connection. The audios help to release rigidity in & around the rib cage, back, neck and shoulders.

Mindful Somatic Audios

The audios below are mindful Somatic movement sequences. They vary in length and target different areas of your body. To select an audio sequence click on the title bar and it will automatically start playing.

  1. The Back & Glute Release Sequence 33:39
  2. Detailed Scan With Neck & Shoulder Release Heidi Hadley 32:55
  3. Body Scan with relaxation breath work Heidi Hadley 11:24
  4. Mindful scan with breath work Heidi Hadley 11:54
  5. Reduce tightness through your belly, chest & shoulders Heidi Hadley 17:24
  6. Releasing tension from your centre to your shoulders Heidi Hadley 20:02
  7. Breathing for Stress Relief Heidi Hadley 20:21
  8. Hip & Shoulder Release sequence Heidi Hadley 20:51
  9. Opening & Releasing Tension through the sides of your body Heidi Hadley 30:31
  10. Improve rhythm and movement as you walk Heidi Hadley 31:13
  11. Mindful breathing with Pelvic roll (Arch & Flatten) Heidi Hadley 10:17
  12. Relaxing muscles within the area of your ribs, waist and abdominals. Heidi Hadley 41:53
  13. Improving muscle length within your hamstrings, glutes and muscles of the waist Heidi Hadley 42:52
  14. Release sequence for your glutes and abdominals Heidi Hadley 20:43
  15. Techniques to re-centre your pelvis and reduce muscle tension within your ribs and waist Heidi Hadley 25:08
  16. Techniques to loosen through your hips and waist for improved movement Heidi Hadley 46:28
  17. Somatic release techniques for your waist, hips, shoulders & spine Heidi Hadley 52:16
  18. The hip release sequence Heidi Hadley 56:32
  19. Seated Somatic sequence Heidi Hadley 30:21
  20. Psoas Release - "Release from the centre." Heidi Hadley 30:35
  21. Hips, waist & shoulder release sequence Heidi Hadley 36:31
  22. Release sequence for hips, back & shoulder tightness Heidi Hadley 40:06
  23. Release for pain/stiffness in your shoulders, back & hips Heidi Hadley 59:13
  24. Release tension responsible for the red light posture (hunched shoulders) Heidi Hadley 45:15
  25. Release muscle that impact on your depth of breathing and mobility Heidi Hadley 34:22
  26. The hips & shoulders release sequence Heidi Hadley 40:10
  27. Release tightness through the front of the body 16:37
  28. Release tension through the back of the body 16:07
  29. Lower back and hip flexor release 21:41
  30. Hip, Shoulder Mobility Sequence 21:27
  31. Hamstring, Glute, Hip Release 25:16