Step 2

Introduction to the iliopsoas
(Hip flexor muscle)

Learn how the hip flexor muscle can contribute to back pain and a restriction of movement.

Neuroscience & Mindfulness

The science behind mindfulness.
Learn how Somatic mindfulness can alter the plasticity of your brain.

Exercise 1
Back Lift

Step by step instruction of the Back Lift.
A wonderful exercise to release lower back pain.
This exercise will increase range of movement along the diagonal plane.

Exercise 2
Side Bend

Step by step instruction of the Side Bend.
A great exercise to release neck and shoulder tension.
This exercise will soften muscles around the lower back and hips. Reducing rigidity and pain to the area.

Exercise 3
Diagonal Pelvic Roll & Curl.

Step by step instruction.
A fantastic exercise to release tightness which can occur between the shoulder and opposite hip. This will improve our overall mobility.
This exercise will soften muscles along the front of the body as well as lengthen muscles of the back.

Closing Comments

This step the focus is to concentrate on postural awareness.

Daily Sequence

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Mindfulness Somatic breakdown of this week’s movements and further exploration of exercises.
Mindfulness body scan before and after the sequence to increase your Somatic/internal awareness.

Daily Sequence - Alternative Audio Version

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Explore Somatic Movement with this audio to increase your internal awareness.