Step 3

The 3 Poses

3 Common poses seen in society. Find out how Somatics can reverse the intensity and discomfort found in these poses.

Mindfulness breathing with Somatics

How mindfulness breathing is integral to the Total Somatics approach.
Introductory portion for this week’s Somatics mindful breathing section.

Mindful Breathing Audio

10 minute guided mindfulness session.
Specialised music to induce Alpha brain waves.
Alpha brainwaves are associated with relaxation, contemplation, focus, awareness and creativity.
Alpha brainwaves induce relaxation to the mind and body.
This audio will help to increase your mindfulness skills in your daily Somatic practice.

Exercise 1
Hip Hitches

This movement sequence in the pelvis relaxes muscles which create imbalances in the hips, pelvis and lower back.

Exercise 2
Dish cloth

A wonderful exercise to release tension through the entire body. Fantastic for gentle mobilising the hip and shoulder joints.

Exercise 3
Human X

A Fantastic exercise to help reduce muscular tension throughout the sides of the body which can create a full body pattern of contraction.
This movement sequence addresses the connection across the diagonal plane with key muscle groups. By pandiculating the fibres we loosen tight muscle and fascia.

Closing Comments

Helpful tips for this step.

Daily Sequence

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Mindfulness body scan before and after the sequence to increase your Somatic/internal awareness.

Daily Sequence - Alternative Audio Version

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Explore Somatic Movement with this audio to increase your internal awareness.

To deepen your understanding of the three reflexes and why recalibration is so important for your health and wellbeing, please watch the “Recalibration” workshop. This can be found under the heading “support material” and click on “Recordings.”

To focus fully on the three reflexes, please follow along with my three Somatic movement classes specifically designed to release each of the dominant stress reflexes. I have taken what I would do with a client in a clinical one on one setting and have created an audio class which can help you release long held muscle tension.

Please remember, if you are in chronic pain and limited with your range of movement, make the movements slow and small. Take as many breaths as you need to release SLOWLY from the contraction. Allow your brain to fully experience what it is like to sense and feel your muscles actually letting go and softening.

To find these audios, go to “support material” and click on “Recalibrate.”