Step 4

Becoming Somatically mindful.

By increasing our Somatic mindfulness we are able to break old habitual bad habits.
This video helps to reiterate the importance of Somatics, daily awareness and its positive changes to our posture.

Delving Deeper Into Somatic Mindfulness

With your increasing knowledge and skillset we will explore at a greater depth the well known movement, the Pelvic Roll.
By using this technique we can build on our underpinning practical knowledge from last week’s mindfulness breathing and incorporate it into the Movement Therapy.
Begin this session by lying on the floor in the start pose for the Pelvic Roll (legs bent, feet flat on the floor).

Exercise 1
Tower Twist

A great exercise to enhance your mindfulness practice. This sequence highlights the correlation between lower back, neck and shoulders.

Exercise 2

A brilliant movement therapy to reduce tension in the front and back of your body.

Exercise 3

Fantastic for releasing tension through one side of your body – from head to toe. Thus releasing a full body pattern of contraction.

If you are an office worker or someone who spends many hours leaning forward, you know how tight your neck, back and shoulders can feel. When you are feeling tension, tightness and/or pain during your day, it isn’t always ideal to get on the floor to practice somatic movement! So in this audio I will guide you through a seated flower sequence. Use this learning tool to broaden your thoughts and ideas to how you could take this practice from a seated to a standing position. Allow your thoughts and ideas to start flowing. It is when you start thinking creatively and outside of the box, that you are allowing your somatic movement to be part of your lifestyle.

As always, fluctuate your speed as you slowly release from your muscle contractions. Take as many breaths as you need to slowly release out of a contraction. Really experience what it feels like to notice your muscles beginning to ease and your depth of breathing becoming longer. Heighten your awareness to the subtle sensations of feedback you are noticing with your personal practice.

If you find any creative ways your have personally developed, feel free to share them with the members in the Total Somatics’ Private Facebook group or let me know and if you are happy to share, I can mention it in an upcoming workshop!

Closing Comments

A recap of how our posture and head position can work for or against our health and mobility.

Daily Sequence

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Mindfulness body scan before and after the sequence to increase your Somatic/internal awareness.

Daily Sequence - Alternative Audio Version

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Explore Somatic Movement with this audio to increase your internal awareness.