Step 5

Tight shoulder sequence.

This 40 minute sequence is a detailed and comprehensive session to help with switching off chronically tight muscles. We target through the large and small muscles in the front, back, side, diagonal plain of the body. We will soften muscle and fascia with this tight shoulder session.

Remember, keep the movements slow and smooth. Use deep breaths as a guide to the speed of your movement. Breath in for 4 counts and out for 4 counts.

Release Tight Back Sequence.

This 22 minute movement sequence pandiculates many layers of muscles with the slow, smooth, relaxing movements, we will also relax the central nervous system and fascia. The wonderful results of targeting these body structures and systems means we are releasing all tension and tightness felt when you suffer with back pain. For the longer detailed version of the tight back sequence, join me in week 6.

Improve Spinal health (short version).

This 23 minute spinal health sequence will focus on muscles that become very tight and rigid, resulting in poor spinal mobility. The spinal health sequence will focus on muscles and areas such as the pelvis, spinal column, shoulder girdle, legs and arms.

Gently moving joints and pandiculating muscles which supply to these structures will provide a greater range of movement and reduction in pain and discomfort. Enjoy gently twisting the spine and reintroducing it to it's natural muscular movement patterns.

As you begin deepening your awareness and consolidating the movements you have learned over the last few weeks, please watch the workshop “Neuromyofascial web & Somatic Movement.” This workshop highlights the importance of going slower and smaller. I also teach you about the amazing world under your skin and how your internal world reacts or responds to external stimuli. You will learn why it is important to shift your mindset and wording from “stretching” to “active lengthening” and “gliding.” Science has progressed with amazing research and findings, so it is important to allow the plasticity in your brain to also adapt to consider the modern and scientifically proven health approaches which move away from stretching into movement, lengthening and gliding….because you are bringing functional medicine (somatic movement) into your life!!