Step 6

Neck Pain Sequence

This 30 minute sequence has been designed to reduce muscular tension and limited movement which can cause neck pain. The movements are very gentle and slow. Remember, listen to your body - don't push through pain and move within your "free flowing" range at this point in your Total Somatics journey.

Tight Back Sequence.

This 36 minute sequence targets small and large muscle groups. It will improve our musculo-skeletal health by gently pandiculating muscles and reminding the body of the movement patterns it was originally designed to do.
By working gently with our neuromuscular system, we can make lasting and positive changes to our overall movement and level of pain or discomfort we currently feel. Remember the expression “No pain, No gain” is not the philosophy of Somatics. So don't push through pain, just work with your sensory feedback. Keep the movements smooth and flowing.

Pelvis And Hip Flexor Sequence

This 26 minute session involves pandiculating muscle which are involved with movement and activity of the hip flexor and pelvis. When we relax muscle groups in and around the pelvis, we create an improved action for the overall body. We improve shock absorbency through the pelvis, which takes pressure and strain off the ankles, knees, hips, lower back and neck.

Remember to keep the movements slow and smooth with your deep breaths.