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7 Points To Consider With Your Somatics Practice

Building on the knowledge we have acquired from part 1.

Exercise 1
Seated Pelvic Roll Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Seated Pelvic Roll
A fantastic exercise to gently loosen and limber up the lower back and pelvis.
A practical technique that can be applied at your work station.

Exercise 2
Hip Opener

Step by step instruction of the Hip Opener Sequence
A brilliant technique to release long held muscular tension in your hips, thighs and into your calves.

Exercise 3
The Quad Release

Step by step instruction of the Quad Release
A great technique to release muscle tension in the quadriceps. By releasing tension in this muscle we can reduce pain in our knees and hips.

Closing Comments

A summary of what you have learnt from this Step.
A 6 minute video highlighting neuroscience with mindful somatic practice. Plus practical advice to help you apply the Total Somatics approach to your daily activities.

Guided Somatic Audio Sequence

As a progression in your Somatic learning the daily sequence in this program will be audio.
The reason for this is to deepen your Somatic/internal awareness by following my cues.
Please refer to the instructional videos above for clarification of movements.

Mindfulness Part 1

An introduction into the mindfulness and mindset modules for movement patterns part 2.

The benefits of developing a daily Somatic mindful practise.

Mindfulness Part 2

A guided Somatic mindful practise.

Use this to develop and grow your personal Somatic mindful practise.