Step 2 Introduction
The Difference Between Passive & Active Lengthening

Gain a deeper understanding of the hip flexor muscles and how it creates pain and limited range of movement.

Exercise 1
Belly To Back Roll Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Belly to Back roll. This fantastic exercise helps open and release you hip flexors and abdominal. It is also a powerful technique to increase proprioception. Proprioception is the bodies ability to sense where all of its body parts are relative to each other in its enviroment.
This sequence is fantastic for integrating your vestibular apparatus (inner ear/balance system) into movement.

Exercise 2
Hip Lift & Reach

Step by step instruction of the Hip Lift & Reach
A brilliant technique to release muscle tension and tightness through the sides of your body, deep lower back and hip flexor muscles. This technique release full body patterns of contraction which can originate from the pelvis.

Exercise 3
Psoas Release

Step by step instruction of the Psoas Release
A series of Psoas release techniques to increase movement back into the spinal column and pelvis by releasing very deep muscles groups which contribute to stiffness and the lack of shock absorbency through the pelvis, hips and spinal column.

Closing Comments

Tips to releasing your hip flexors. Attention to releasing the glutes and rectus abdomnus before hip flexor is highlighted.

Guided Somatic Audio Sequence

Allow this Somatic movement sequence to release long held tension through your hips, glutes and lower back.
Follow my cues as you breathe Somatically and move mindfully through this sequence.

Mindset Step 2

Developing a Somatic Lifestyle.