Step 3 Introduction

Further understanding of the hip flexor muscle.

Underpinning knowledge of the iliopsoas and its relationship to the vertebral column and spinal nerves.

Exercise 1
Hip Rotation Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Hip Rotation. A great technique to release the long held muscle tension which impacts on the full range of movement within the hip joint. This technique involves pandiculating muscles which influence hip movement. As with all Somatic sequences we are releasing a full body pattern of contraction to bring movement back to this area.

Exercise 2

Step by step instruction of the Evert/Invert Somatic Sequence
This effective technique releases tightness through the inside and outside of your legs from the hips all the way down to your toes.

Exercise 3
The Shoulder Rotation

Step by step instruction of the Shoulder Rotation
This sequence is excellent for increasing movement back into your shoulders. In this sequence you will pandiculate muscles which can contribute towards tightness to the front, back, sides, neck and shoulders.

Closing Comments

A summary of what you have learnt from this Step.
Highlighting how self correction of posture and exercises start to increase our Somatic mindfulness to daily activities.

Daily Sequence

Guided Somatic sequence from this Steps exercises.
Aim to practise these mindful Somatic movements each day this week.

Mindset Step 3

Your Body and Biomechanics.

This video includes a seated and walking assessment.

Mindset Step 3 Part B

Integrating knowledge and Somatic awareness to our daily activities.