Introduction Step 4
Muscle tightness, hip flexors and the diaphragm.

Understand how patterns of muscular contraction can impact on your biomechanics. Learn the relationship between the iliopsoas and the diaphragm; including the importance of deep breathing.

Exercise 1
Calf Release Part 1 Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Calf release. A technique whereby we contract and actively lengthen the gastrocnemius and soleus (calf muscles).

Exercise 2
Calf Release Part 2

This Somatic technique releases a full body pattern of contraction from the plantar fascia (bottom of foot), calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes. When we actively lengthen with this technique we ensure that we don't take the movement into a stretch.

Exercise 3
Hamstring Release

Step by step instruction of the Ham String Release
An effective technique to release tension through the hamstrings.

Exercise 4
QL Release

Step by step instruction of the QL Release
This Somatic sequence releases the QL which is often the culprit of lower back pain. This exercise will release tightness through the enitre side of the torso - full body pattern of contraction.

Closing Comments

A summary of what you have learnt from this step.
A reminder to increase awareness of bringing symmetry to the body plus the importance of deep breathing.

Daily Sequence

Guided Somatic sequence from this step.
Enjoy implementing this movement practise into your daily schedule for this week.

Mindset Step 4

Heightening your Somatic Awareness:

  • Posture
  • Whether you react or respond.
  • What energises or drains you.