Raising Awareness to Men’s Mental Health with Special Guest, Simon Rinne

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Recently, on Saturday 19th November 2022, it was International Men's day. A day to appreciate men and how they have enriched our lives with their positive and proactive traits.

It is an ideal opportunity to focus on men and in particular their wellbeing. So I decided to celebrate International Men's Day by inviting Simon Rinne from Mindful Men to Somatic Movement & Mindset to raise awareness to men's mental health. Men, at times, can find it difficult to open up and express their feelings. They may feel it is self indulgent, a weakness, not necessary and "new age nonsense." However, these limiting beliefs can create obstacles for them to reach out and ask for help. These limiting beliefs can come from their upbringing and intergenerational trauma, unable to truly allow their emotions to release. Instead, pushing them down and hoping they will 'just go away by keeping busy.' But they don't. At some point, they will manifest in different ways.

Enjoy this very open discussion about men's mental health. Please share it with those that you feel will benefit and let's get this area of men's health much more mainstream.

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