Standing/Seated Movement Page 2

Seated Pelvic Roll Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Seated Pelvic Roll
A fantastic exercise to gently loosen and limber up the lower back and pelvis.
A practical technique that can be applied at your work station.

Hip Opener

Step by step instruction of the Hip Opener Sequence
A brilliant technique to release long held muscular tension in your hips, thighs and into your calves.

This exercise will increase range of movement along the diagonal plane.

The Quad Release

Step by step instruction of the Quad Release
A great technique to release muscle tension in the quadriceps. By releasing tension in this muscle we can reduce pain in our knees and hips.

Guided Somatic Audio Sequence

As a progression in your Somatic learning the daily sequence in this program will be audio.
The reason for this is to deepen your Somatic/internal awareness by following my cues.
Please refer to the instructional videos above for clarification of movements.

Your Body and Biomechanics.

This video includes a seated and walking assessment.

Integrating knowledge and Somatic awareness to our daily activities.

Calf Release Part 1 Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Calf release. A technique whereby we contract and actively lengthen the gastrocnemius and soleus (calf muscles).

Calf Release Part 2

This Somatic technique releases a full body pattern of contraction from the plantar fascia (bottom of foot), calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes. When we actively lengthen with this technique we ensure that we don't take the movement into a stretch.