Competitive Plasticity & Clinical Somatic Movement

Hello! How are you? xx It has been lovely welcoming new friends into the Total Somatics membership. We have had an action packed weekend within the membership! Thank you for all your lovely messages and comments. xx If you missed enrolment for the Total Somatics Membership, CLICK HERE to join the WAIT LIST. From time to time, we open the doors for 48 hours. So if you are on the WAITLIST, you will be notified immediately. Stay [...]

Pain, perception and plasticity

In this week’s blog I am going to discuss the subject of pain. Nobody is immune to pain, we all suffer or have suffered with varying degrees of it. In recent years we have and continue to see the growth and research in the field of pain science and neuroplasticity. Is pain “in your head?” Neuroscience has researched thoroughly and it is widely considered in the area of pain science that pain is created by the brain and projected on to [...]