Introduction Step 1

Definition of Somatics.

How Somatics can break poor habitual muscular and behavioural patterns.

Mindfulness 1
Principles Of Mindfulness

The 4 principles of mindfulness with Total Somatics which will help you heighten awareness to your daily practice.

Exercise 1
Pelvic Roll Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Pelvic Roll
A fantastic exercise to gently loosen and limber up the lower back and pelvis.
The looser this area becomes, the greater movement you will feel through your body.

Exercise 2
Pelvic Roll & Curl Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Pelvic Roll & Curl.
A wonderful exercise to relax tension and tightness through the Pelvis, lower back, neck, front and back of the body.

Exercise 3
Glute Release Instruction

Step by step instruction of the Glute Release.
A powerful and effective sequence to relax major muscle groups which contribute to lower back pain.

These audios are designed to deepen your internal awareness and allow you to grow in your somatic movement skills. By taking on board the information within these audios, it can help you take the principles and techniques of somatic movement from the floor to your daily activities. By developing a daily awareness and recalibration practice, you can see how somatic movement can become part of your lifestyle. By developing a mindful approach to how you move, sit and stand is very powerful. These audios also allow you to develop a mindful practice which can help you release tension and move freely. You can see how a few minutes at different times during your day can add up to many hours of self care.

To deepen your knowledge on why pandiculation is so powerful, please watch the workshop “The Power of Pandiculation” which can be found in the “support material” section, under the heading “Recordings.”

Closing Comments

A summary of what you have learnt from this step.
This step the focus is to concentrate on pandiculating your muscles.

Daily Sequence

Guided Somatic sequence from this Step.
Mindfulness body scan before and after the sequence to increase your Somatic/internal awareness.

Daily Sequence - Alternative Audio Version

Guided Somatic sequence from this Step.
Explore Somatic Movement with this audio to increase your internal awareness.