Do you suffer from neck and shoulder tension or discomfort? Did you know that rigidity in your rib cage can be a contributing factor? Did you know that releasing rib rigidity can alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort?

Have you tried many breathing styles and techniques, only to discover that your breathing continues to be shallow? Did you know that unless you release rib rigidity, you may continue to struggle to create a good quality breathing rhythm? Do you know how to release rib rigidity?

Within this 4 part series, learn how to release neck, shoulder and rib rigidity. Discover the importance of releasing tension within the rib cage and why it has a positive impact throughout your entire body.

Learn how to work holistically and with a Total Somatic approach with these gentle yet powerful brain-to-body movement sequences.

Did you know learning Somatic Movement is great? However, many are unaware that there are two further important facets to consider towards reducing pain, improving posture, increasing mobility and putting a stop to recurring injuries and pain. Allow Heidi Hadley to teach you what has worked for thousands of her clients over the years, both online and in person.

Discover how the 3 pillars of Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness have increased people’s awareness to how to get to the root cause of their pain, discomfort and challenges.

Within this comprehensive 3-part engaging workshop, Heidi Hadley unpacks the importance of each of the three pillars of Total Somatic Education. These tried and tested results with science and ongoing clinical experience has led to people globally seeking a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing with Total Somatics International.

Do you suffer with a tight, stiff back? Do you feel your hips are full of tension from your job, hobbies, habits or maybe stress? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, Releasing Tight Hips & Back Series is for you!

Within this 4-part series, learn how to release your tight hips and back with gentle, safe Total Somatic Movements in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Within this 4-part series, you will learn why you experience pain and injuries, right down to your brain level.

Learn how to release tension and retrain your brain to muscle connection, helping you to move more freely, improve muscle memory and posture, reduce pain whilst deepening your skills of mindfulness.

Learn how Total Somatic principles and movement practice can Reset, Recalibrate and Reframe your awareness to create improved health and wellbeing. Within this 3 part workshop series, Heidi Hadley covers the areas of brain health, pain, posture, habits, mindset and mental wellbeing. In addition to this, Heidi Hadley integrates Somatic embodiment and mindful somatic movement to reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility plus create inner calm and resilience. This 3 part series covers over 5 hours of video content.

Do you suffer with hip and shoulder discomfort? Do you find your range of movement limited? Do you find it challenging to twist and turn? Do your tight muscles wake you in the night, causing restricted movement and pain?

This Hip and Shoulder Sequence is a very popular Somatic Movement Session which targets muscles in and around your hip and shoulder joints. This session also addresses muscular tension and tightness which can occur along the sides of your body, usually linked with hip and shoulder issues.

This session targets muscles which are also affected by scoliosis and leg length discrepancies.

The audio lasts 63 minutes and is yours to keep permanently after purchase. Practise these movements on a regular basis to receive the wonderful benefits Somatics has to offer.

Do you suffer with neck pain? Are you a shallow breather? Do you suffer with anxiety and prone to hyperventilation? Do you suffer with shoulder problems? Do you find your digestive system can be erratic, at times it is settled, at other times constipated, cramping or feeling the sensation of butterflies? Did you know poor that Rib mobility can contribute towards the issues highlighted above?

In this audio I will guide you through a sequence to increase space between your ribs, improve the depth of your breathing, enhance the actions of your diaphragm, target rib imbalances caused by scoliosis plus reduce neck and shoulder tension. This is an excellent sequence to reset your central nervous system, particularly if you have had an anxiety attack. This audio will teach you how to increase your internal awareness to natural breathing, slow down your central nervous system and bring full movement back to your rib cage.

This audio last 19 minutes and is yours to keep permanently after purchase. Regular practise of the rib release sequence will help you take control of your anxiety attacks, improve rib mobility, reduce pain associated with scoliosis, enhance digestive function and increase the amount of oxygen feeding and nourishing your muscles, tissues and cells.

Do you suffer with sciatica? Do you find your lower back and hamstrings are chronically tight? Has the tension in your back affected the way you walk? Do you suffer with plantar fasciitis? Do you often find your mid back feels very tight, creating pain and rigidity into the back of your neck?

In this audio, I will guide you through a sequence to release the tension through the back of your body. Tension creates a full body pattern of contraction. Within this audio session, you will learn how to soften muscles to release the full body pattern of contraction that is creating limited range of movement and pain for you. This audio is an excellent session to slow down your central nervous system, allowing the strong muscles that are reactive to stress, to dial down intensity.

This session will allow you to move with ease, reduce pain and improve your posture by releasing chronically tight muscles. You will learn how to reintroduce the correct relationship between muscles in the front, back and sides of your body. When you learn how to do this, you improve your muscle memory and move efficiently.

This audio lasts 34 minutes and is yours to keep permanently after purchase. Regular practice of the Glute & back release sequence will help you to ease chronically tight muscles that impact in your daily activities, hobbies and pursuits.

Do you find after a considerable amount of time working at the computer, commuting or sitting in lectures, you feel your shoulders are rolling forward? Do you catch a reflection of yourself in a mirror or window and surprised to see how your posture is changing due to your daily habits?

This session has been designed to release muscular tension which can draw your head and shoulders forward, creating a stooped posture. It will release long held muscular tension deep within your pelvis which contributes towards lower back and hip pain. You will enjoy moving your body in different directions and remind your brain to muscle communication how to reset your muscle length, so you reduce the habitual posture of slouching.

This audio last 38 minutes and is yours to keep permanently after purchase. Regular practise of these techniques and then adapting the movements so you can apply them at your desk or other settings will help you self regulate and self correct during your day.