The approach that Total Somatics uses certainly works. It targets areas to release and eliminate pain. I am now pain free, exercising again, back to riding my road and mountain bike along with increased flexibility and able to live life without pain.


I’ve noticed great benefits with somatics. Posture changing exercise without the exertion and pain.


Heidi is an excellent instructor and explains the movements very well. The demonstrations are very helpful. I have incorporated the exercises as part of my morning yoga session.


I have benefited greatly from the programme and would recommend anyone with pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back to have a try. Thanks Heidi.


I really enjoyed the sessions with Total Somatics. I have noticed the improvement in my shoulders after doing Somatics. I have always had tightness and numbness due to RSI from computer usage.


Somatics has helped me in a big way. I have been able to slow down and relieve my tension. Thank you Heidi.


Heidi Hadley’s testimonial

Originally I learnt Somatics to help with my own pain, muscle tension and tightness. Over the years I have sustained shoulder and back injuries from dance, soccer, netball, swimming, running and personal training. I have always stretched and lengthened my muscles but over time I found that I would “hit a brick wall” as regards my stretching and flexibility. I was dealing with the symptoms of muscular tension but not addressing the root cause.

This is where Somatics opened my eyes to a bigger picture. With these simple yet effective exercises, I was able to take my muscles and joints to another level and address the underlying issues. I love the fact that Somatics can be performed anywhere such as when I am overseas, working away from home or even at the beach.

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