The Glute & Back Release Somatic Movement Sequence

Do you suffer with sciatica? Do you find your lower back and hamstrings are chronically tight? Has the tension in your back affected the way you walk? Do you suffer with plantar fasciitis? Do you often find your mid back feels very tight, creating pain and rigidity into the back of your neck? In this audio, I will guide you through a sequence to release the tension through the back of your body. Tension creates a full body pattern of [...]

Hip and Shoulder Somatic Sequence

This Hip and Shoulder Sequence is a very popular Somatic Movement Session which targets muscles in and around your hip and shoulder joints. This sessions also addresses tightness which occurs along the sides of your torso, usually linked with hip and shoulder issues.

Improve Your Posture

This session has been designed to release tension which draws your head and shoulders forward. It will release long held tension deep within your pelvis which contributes towards lower back and hip pain.

Rib Release Audio Sequence

In this audio I will guide you through a sequence to increase space between your ribs, improve the depth of your breathing, improve the actions of your diaphragm, target rib imbalances caused by scoliosis plus reduce neck and shoulder issues.