Understanding Your Emotional Patterns & Somatic Imprints

Hello! How is your week going? I hope you are well. xx It has been lovely welcoming new people into the Total Somatics membership. As one new member has already expressed her gratitude and said "Wow! The membership is packed with so many resources, its incredibly good value for what we receive. Also having you to guide us and the monthly LIVE sessions. I am overjoyed to be in the membership. Thank you!" If you [...]


The Power your Mind has over your Body

In this week’s blog I have a video to accompany this article. I would like to explain how the power of your thoughts and emotions have a huge effect on your physical health and well being. As you know from my previous blogs and in greater detail with my online programs at www.TotalSomatics.com you cannot separate your mind and body. They work very closely together. Your body has a huge influence over your mind plus your mind controls your body. [...]