How Stress & Inflammation are connected

Hello, how are you?  I hope you are keeping well.  During the last few weeks I have been involved in online interviews with different organisations.  They have been asking me how the current world climate and our own emotional, mental and physical health can influence wellbeing.  On top of this, earlier in the week I was asked to present a webinar to practitioners around Australia and the subject was centred around a fascinating field of psychoneuroimmunology.  Very soon I [...]

The Important Link Between Your Nervous System & Immune System

In this week’s blog we are going to consider the strong link between your nervous system and immune system. We will consider how Somatics can help with improving the function of these two amazingly intricate systems. Your Amazing Soma If you are a regular reader of my blogs you will know that I often refer to your mind and body as your Soma. In Somatics we refer to the soma as a huge sensory organism which absorbs emotions, experiences, habits, behaviours, [...]