Brain & Gut Health awareness

Hello! How are you? Recently The Total Somatics members enjoyed a LIVE workshop with Nutrition expert, Rebekkah Finnigan. She discussed the importance of Brain and Gut Health. If you are a member of Total Somatics and missed the LIVE workshop, it is available to watch on REPLAY within the "Recordings" section of the membership. So please check it out!

Rebekkah was so brilliant, I invited her to be in one of my podcasts. So this week, Rebekkah delves into the importance of brain and gut health.

To also add a new dimension to the Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast episodes, my future episodes will also be available to watch on You Tube as well as listening to them on your chosen podcast platform.

To LISTEN to the latest podcast, BRAIN & GUT HEALTH, CLICK HERE

To WATCH the latest podcast episode, BRAIN & GUT HEALTH, CLICK HERE to watch it on You Tube.


If you would like to start feeling the improvements Total Somatics members are experiencing, please look around the Total Somatics ONLINE SHOP. There are Total Somatic Movement audio classes to address common areas of pain such as the hips, shoulders and back.



There will be a special announcement very soon! Make a note of the dates below and stay connected with Total Somatics to find out more.

Total Somatics members have some new arrivals into the membership very soon, so look out for my email, I can't wait to share it all with you! Stay tuned!

Have a brilliant week!

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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