The Trap of ‘Busyness’

In this week’s blog I am going to discuss the modern epidemic we refer to as ‘Busyness.' The definition for 'busyness' is the quality or condition of being busy. Interestingly, another definition states ‘lively but meaningless activity.’ Could the latter definition have a greater meaning to an action which appears to have permeated society to the point that unless we are ‘busy’ we aren’t achieving goals or outcomes?

Due to the wonderful invention of technology, we are surrounded by labour saving devices such as dish washers, washing machines and automatic car wash facilities, just to name a few. These inventions have allowed us to have more time for other activities, which we have successfully allowed to cram further ‘to do’ jobs and activities in to. Add into the equation the fact that we have mobile devices, computers, fast internet speeds, social media and on demand TV. So whatever we want is at our fingertips. This has led to us developing less patience, for example, when we watch the icon on our computer circling informing us that it is buffering. We cannot bear waiting a few moments because we ‘have so much more to get on with.’

Would you say this is a healthy attitude to have? Would you say that the epidemic of ‘busyness’ is helping or hindering our emotional, physical and mental health and well being?

Developing a Somatic Balance

The purpose of Total Somatics is to educate and empower you with knowledge and skills to improve mobility, posture, reduce pain and return to the activities you love to do. Many of my blogs, vlogs, podcasts and audios highlight the fact that unless we look at our mindset and focus on life, our somatic movements are purely a mechanical exercise.

We need to be attentive to our mindset because we know that our Soma consists of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. If we are neglectful of an area of our health and well being, it will impact greatly on other areas of our life.

In order to live somatically, we need to strike a balance in our life. In our effort to use ‘busyness’ as a way to keep pace with people around us and feel like we belong in society, we are actually disconnecting our self from what we somatically need.

What do I mean by this?

Firstly what are your core values? Do you value your health? Do you care for yourself as much as you care for your partner, children, parents or maybe colleagues? Are your family and friends important to you? At the end of your life what do you want people to remember you for? Your money? Your devotion to staying late at work? Saying yes to everyone and everything but not completing all activities and tasks? Or would you prefer those closest to you to remember the time you spent together? The laughter and the tears? The experiences? The quality and quantity time spent with them? Knowing that your closest friends and family enjoy time with you when you have energy and not when you are utterly exhausted?

When our lives are overloaded with so many activities, we need to ask our self some serious hard hitting questions. Why do we do this to our self? Why are we filling our lives full of ‘things?’ What are we trying to accomplish? Do we find contentment in what we fill our lives with? Or are we trying to prove something to someone or our self? Are we keeping busy to distract us from dealing with stress and trauma which at some point needs to be faced and addressed?

The Total Somatics Approach.

I have created Total Somatics to teach you how to regain control of your life, health and well being. We all have very busy lives and can live the majority of our time in our subconscious mind. We can develop negative habitual patterns of behaviour, thoughts, movement and posture. Total Somatics teaches you in a layered learning process how to switch your mindset and start living more in the present moment. This involves switching your thought patterns to become more conscious or aware of you daily habits and see how we can recalibrate, so you are able to live in a more intelligent, mindful manner.

There are many reasons we fill our lives with many pursuits. But we must remember that we are not invincible and very shortly, if we don’t MAKE time in our life to change how we live, we will crash and burn.

How much benefit would you be to those around you if you allow yourself to crash and burn? How would you feel knowing that you have so many interests, pursuits and ideas but you are too sick to pursue them? Surely if you have a passion for life and interests, you would rather PACE yourself and take time out to recuperate, restore and recalibrate on a daily basis.

This may include a walk after work, eating your lunch away from the computer and developing a daily somatic mindful movement practise. If we aren’t paid over our lunch break, why use YOUR PERSONAL TIME to work? Remember that a handful of rest is better that two handfuls of hard work and chasing your tail. This distorted view of ‘busyness’ leads to poor productivity.

Allow me to teach you how to BUILD a somatic life rather than FITTING IT IN. When we change our focus and intention to building or designing a life which will help us to grow and flourish mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically; we achieve so much more and gain greater satisfaction.

My online programs are self paced and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. I am available for Skype consultations for tailored sessions. Join the thousands from around the world who have found Mindfulness with Total Somatics to improve their quality of life.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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