The Importance of Mindset

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It's not long until we can connect LIVE online for Total Somatics' Mindful in May 2024. The FREE ONLINE event will bring together aspects that I have discussed in this month's podcast series. I will be teaching you online how the 3 postural reflexes, Red Light, Green light and Trauma are created, what they look like and what we can do to reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility and develop practices throughout the day.

Total Somatics is unique because from my years in clinical practice, working online and in person with people internationally, I have combined 3 key pillars that support overall health and wellbeing. During the month of May and in our FREE ONLINE event, I will be delving into the 3 pillars of Total Somatics Education: Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness.

Who will benefit from Total Somatics' Mindful in May 2024?

If you are feeling burned out, exhausted, in pain, limited with your mobility, noticing changes in your posture, wanting to find ways to manage your stress levels, improve performance output and strength with your fitness. Learn how to regulate your nervous system and the many issues that can arise from a dysregulated nervous system, learn how to change your internal narrative (inner talk) that has been impacting your emotional and mental health for many years, Total Somatics' Mindful in May 2024 is FOR YOU!

In the comfort and privacy of your own home, come and join me for this FREE ONLINE event





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Latest Podcast

Enjoy the first episode in this special series for Mindful in May 2024.

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I look forward to connecting with you on Saturday 25th May 2024.
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