Feeling exhausted? In pain? Overwhelmed? CREATE TIME FOR YOU!

I am sure like most individuals, you have many commitments and sometimes a limited amount of time in the day. In today’s blog we are going to discuss how we can CREATE time in our schedule to care for our own health needs.

Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and at times ‘chasing your tail?’ Do you feel that you have little time for yourself? Do you feel this is beginning to impact on your sleep patterns, energy, posture and pain levels? Do you feel anxious and at times short of breath or hyperventilating? Does your digestive system become your barometer to how stressed or exhausted you feel? What can you do to reverse these issues and take control of your life again?

I see many clients in my clinical practice who suffer with the same issues. They have many important commitments and responsibilities. But so often find their own health and well being is placed at the bottom of the list. By the time they come to see me in clinic, they have reached the point of exhaustion or are in a great deal of pain. So how can we be realistic and create time in a day which we feel is already ‘jam packed?’

This is where we have to consider our management of time and priorities. In order to take greater care of ourselves, we need to create time in our schedule for us. Otherwise if we cannot find time now to be healthy, we will have to accept that if we become sick and unwell in the future, we have no choice to make a huge shift in our lifestyle, choices and responsibilities. It may sound dramatic, but our health is our wealth and we need to care for it and reduce the chances of living in a cycle of crash and burn - get up - move on without making changes - and then crash and burn again- and the cycle continues.

I have made a short 1 minute video to help you become creative with your ideas on how to make time in your day for yourself. When we take time out, we are much more productive, after recharging our batteries , so to speak and re-calibrating our mind and body.

To help support you as you begin to evaluate your day and look at what is imperative and what could be slimmed down with your time, focus and attention; I have created a down loadable worksheet. This will help you start to put pen to paper and see when, where and what you can do to become more somatic and mindful throughout your day. Each week will vary and so that is why I have created the worksheet with the heading “week commencing” so you can prepare on a Sunday night for your week ahead. When we start preparing our week on a Sunday night, we realise how productive we can be. We also see where we have wasted time on activities which are less important than taking time out to care for our own emotional, mental, physical health and well being.

To access the FREE downloadable worksheet CLICK HERE.

So could you start this week? Look at one area in your daily life which could be slimmed down with your time and attention, so you can devote 10, 15, possibly 20 minutes for YOU. Once you start making time, you will see how important it is. You will feel refresh, recharged and ready for the rest of your day.

The subjects of time management, focus, health and wellbeing are imperative. That is why I created my Online program. My desire is for everybody to dedicate time for themselves. The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness (www.TotalSomatics.com) guides you through a structured program and teaches you how to become somatic with your movements to reduce pain, improve posture and increase mobility. Plus the online program contains modules in the area of mindset and mindfulness. You will also find audios, podcasts and downloadable support material to assist with your health and wellness focus to a better quality of life.

I would love to hear how you have started to create a Somatic lifestyle. Please let me know either on Facebook @TotalSomatics or Instagram @total_somatics.

I look forward to teaching you these amazing life skills with my Online program at www.TotalSomatics.com

Take Care,

Heidi Hadley xx


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