The importance of “Slow”

Hello, how are you?! I hope you are keeping well xx

Many of you would have enjoyed having an extra few days off over the long weekend and embraced the feeling of slowing down. Interestingly, that flows in really well with this week's podcast! This week I am releasing a podcast episode which I was recently asked to be interviewed on. It was with Loretta Hart and Rebekkah Finnigan. Loretta asked me to join her for this podcast episode. If you are a member within the Total Somatics membership, you may recall one of our health experts Rebekkah Finnigan. Rebekkah held a workshop on the Brain-Gut connection. If you are a Total Somatics member and would like to watch the REPLAY workshop, go to "Lifestyle/Experts" and click on 'Brain/Gut health.'

This podcast discusses the principles of "going slow" and why it is important for us all to apply. You will hear some of my personal experiences which also made me assess my lifestyle and how to get off the 'fast' treadmill of life.

TO LISTEN to this week's episode

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Within this workshop, you will learn how incredible your mind and body are and how you have so many natural properties within to self heal and regulate. You will learn how stress and anxiety can change your internal world, impacting your health. However, you will also learn skills to self regulate and reset your nervous system.

DATE: Saturday 21st May 2022
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Within the online shop, you will find plenty of support and resources to start addressing many of the effects that subconscious brain patterning can have on your muscles and joints. Enjoy working with specialised techniques that are intelligent in their approach to rewiring your brain and 'waking up' areas that have been on 'auto pilot' for a long time due to stress, habits, post operative reasons and injuries, just to name a few!


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