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In this week’s blog I would like to announce my very exciting news!  As you know Total Somatics has a theme for 2020 and beyond, “2020 - Focus and Insight.”  With this theme in mind I would like to announce something that will help you deepen your focus and insight in to your health and wellbeing even more!

Drum roll please!

I would like to announce that I have teamed up with Dr Sarah Wilson ND and we have created a Podcast series for you.  Dr Sarah Wilson ND may be familiar to some of you.  Sarah has been a brilliant contributor to my podcasts within The Total Somatics Online program. If you have listened to me and Sarah online, you will know how passionate we are about educating and empowering people.  For us both, we have always had this at the forefront of our practice when working with people.

The Podcast is called Really Well Women.  It has been designed to target all areas of health and wellbeing, specifically women’s health.  If you are male reading this, please check out the podcast too.  We discuss the fundamentals or foundations of health in season one.  We cover the areas of mindset, movement, gut health, inflammation, sleep, food, hydration, stress, cortisol and so much more.  There are occasions when we discuss women’s hormones, however underneath we are all the same and the information presented benefits us all.

Really Well Women is available on various Podcast platforms such as Spotify. Over the next week it will appear on multiple podcast platforms. However we have created a website so you can also listen to them straight off the Really Well Women website.  If you aren't familiar with Podcasts, they are free of charge.  So please check it out!

The podcasts can be found at

We are currently preparing for season two.  So if you have any questions you would like us to discuss, please let us know by connecting with us on the “contact us” page at

It is fantastic to bring a somatic approach to our health and wellbeing and we think you will enjoy learning more about how your amazing mind and body work plus what you can do if various or certain areas of your health and wellbeing have started to suffer or struggle.

Enjoy listening and learning.

Take care,

Heidi Hadley xx

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