Movement is Medicine

Hello! How are you? I am really looking forward to meeting as many of you online as possible next week for The Total Somatics LIVE Experience: Release Tension & Reduce Pain. This FREE 3 part workshop series will be very practical and there will be more time experiencing the benefits of Total Somatic Movement.

In other workshops I have covered a large amount of theory and then moved in to the practical. In this series, I would love you to know the whys and hows of Total Somatic Movement and how it can support you with an overview of theory, however we are going to experience an embodiment practice, meaning there is less talking and more doing in these workshops!

The amount of time for each workshop will be enough for you to absorb the material and practical element, take it away and allow it to sink in. Plus if you are watching on REPLAY, you will have the material presented over a time frame that is easy to keep up.

There will be an opportunity for you to join me for extra support in a private Facebook group, so when you sign up to the free event, you will have an opportunity to join the group to gain additional support in between the LIVE events. This has always been a wonderful way for me to connect with you and especially if you are watching on REPLAY. It gives you the opportunity to leave me further questions.



In harmony with next week's LIVE experience, in my latest podcast I discuss why Movement is Medicine. You will find out why it is so important in this week's episode plus so much more next week with the 3 part workshop Series.

To listen to this week's podcast,
Movement is Medicine, CLICK HERE.

I am so looking forward to sharing the benefits with you next week in our time together. CLICK HERE to join the
FREE 3 part series:
Release Tension & Reduce Pain workshop series.


Recently I was interviewed on a podcast episode about Somatics, Pandiculation and how to create a sense of calm and resilience when life events around us can be very chaotic and challenging. This episode will give you another little taster for what you can look forward to next week.

CLICK HERE to listen to the BONUS PODCAST with Julia from the Single mother survival guide and me.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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