How to stay calm during chaos & uncertainty

During the last few weeks I have seen a familiar pattern emerging. Within this week’s blog I would like to highlight this and provide you with an audio to support you and others you feel may benefit.

Fear, uncertainty & lack of control

In recent months we have all experienced fear, uncertainty and lack of control.  With these feelings come physiological responses associated with emotional and mental pressures.  During the height of the pandemic (for some, this continues to be the case), many people reverted to survival behaviour and in many cases withdrew and held that emotion and fear within.  Some were able to release it in various ways, however, many other people have become very low in energy and have lost their “mojo” for exercise, healthy eating and life in general.

Fast forward a few months and people are starting to return to work and a sense or “normality” albeit a slightly different “normal” than before.  Many are finding that stress, frustration, anger, uncertainty and other feelings are still there.  As a result, some are feeling very emotional, others are feeling angry and aggressive, whilst others are keen to create a routine again. Some are assessing their habits and behaviours for new ones with a “pandemic pivot.”

For a large number of people around the world, the pandemic would have triggered emotions and past life events which unbeknown to them have not be addressed or the feelings have not be released.  As a learned behaviour, their way to control feelings that they are uncomfortable with, is to push them down and distract themselves with other activities, hoping it will “just go away.”  But is doesn’t.  It creates a disconnection within their soma.

When a highly stressful event occurs in a person’s life, it creates trauma and the intense experience begins to break up in to different parts.  This traumatic period splinters off and emotions, images, aromas, sounds, thoughts, interactions with others and physical sensations all begin to take a life of their own from a past event(s).  The sensory splinter from a past memory can re-appear to the present, leaving the person replaying the deep emotions they felt from the original event. The present day incident is a different scenario, however as the unresolved trauma is still there, it will recreate the same emotions and reactions.

If the trauma has not be addressed and resolved, their body will continue to pump stress hormones through their system, because according to their neurobiology, the survival mechanism is still needed to protect them from this situation.  If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you will also be aware that with a survival mechanism constantly being replayed, defensive movements, postures, actions, words and thoughts will show up.  Many people are unaware that a reactive behaviour such as anger, sadness, loneliness and frustration, for instance, can be linked to a past event.  This is to be expected because it is a subconscious action which means it is automatic and habitual.

In a recent workshop with Total Somatics online members, we discussed how our emotions and personality influence us right down to a cellular level.  Very shortly, I will be discussing this in more detail in an upcoming workshop.  So if you are a member, look at for the workshop date.  If you missed the previous workshop in which I discussed this, go to the “Recalibration” workshop, under the heading of “recordings.”  If you would like to join our wait list for the next time we open the doors to the membership, please CLICK HERE.

Creating proactive steps to a calmer self

Would you like to feel calmer within?  Do you like feeling wound up, angry or sad?  It is exhausting and detrimental to your health to continue holding these negative emotions.  It affects every cell in your body, as well as increasing inflammation levels, decreasing immune function and disrupting the regulation of your nervous system.  To create calmness during uncertain times is imperative for your health and others around you.  I have provided an audio to help wind down your nervous system and reconnect with the deep, subtle automatic actions within your body that are stirred up during challenging times.  Take time to listen to this audio. By creating a daily practice, it will help you to dial down the stress response from within.

Remember that allowing negative images, words, thoughts and media reports to consume you are really harmful for your physical, emotional and mental health.  When you take care of your health, you are in a better position, on so many levels to be present, attentive, productive and proactive in every day settings.  This mindset and somatic approach will produce a healthier mind and body to live it.  If you are reading this and thinking of someone you know who could benefit, please forward this article on.  Mental, emotional and physical health are so important and when we all do our part, it creates a healthier, more connected family, friendship circle and community.

Have a fantastic week and let me know how you go with this week’s audio.

All my love,
Heidi Hadley xx

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