The importance of creating a healthy mindset

Hello, how are you? During the last few weeks, Total Somatics has been developing the theme with FREE online workshops around the subjects of somatic movement, mindfulness and mindset. It has been great welcoming new members into The Total Somatics Online membership program and I look forward to them joining our wonderful community, as together we focus on how to reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility and develop a mindful awareness to daily activities/habits that can be causing recurring issues and discomfort.

The membership doors are now closed and will open again next year. If you would like to know when the membership doors open, CLICK HERE to be notified when we reopen.

If you attended or watched the replays of The Total Somatics Experience, you will know how important and interconnected your physical, emotional and mental health are towards your overall wellbeing. So, to continue to highlight the importance of this point, I have created a podcast episode to deepen your awareness to this area. I think we can all agree this year has certainly thrown us all many curve balls and continues to do so. So, in order to create a state of balance or equilibrium from within when our external world is unpredictable and chaotic, this episode allows us to consider what is truly important and how we can create a healthy mindset.

Also, on Saturday 10th October 2020 it is World Mental Health day. I felt creating this podcast episode is another way of supporting you and anyone else you know that may benefit from this advice. If this episode helps you or makes you think of someone else who would benefit, PLEASE SHARE. As a community, we are always better together.

CLICK HERE to listen to the episode, “How to create a healthy mindset.”

If you didn’t join the membership this time around but would like to know how to release chronically tight muscles which are linked to pressure, stress and repetitive actions, check out the Mindful Somatic audio classes with Total Somatics. As a one-off purchase, you can keep these files and use them as a fantastic tool to reset, recharge and recalibrate when life begins to create pressure, challenges and stress.

Have a fantastic week and enjoy my support material.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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