Creating & Maintaining a Resilient Mindset

Hello! How are you? How is your week going? xx

I have returned this week to seeing my clients in clinic after our holidays. It is great to get back into the rhythm of serving clients in person and also online.

If you are within The Total Somatics Membership, I look forward to our upcoming workshop in which I will delve in to the glutes, hips and lower back in greater detail. You would have received the Zoom details, however, 4 hours before I go LIVE, you will receive another email with the zoom details. I look forward to connecting with as many as you as possible. As always, the workshops are uploaded into the membership, so you can watch them many times again at your leisure!

Are you enjoying the theme of MINDSET in the podcast episodes for January? I have recieved lots of wonderful comments and feedback. I have another wonderful episode to share with you this week too!

Creating & Maintaining a Resilient Mindset

Since living in Australia, Bob & Sue Beaumont have been an absolute inspiration to me and my husband. Their energy, kindness, enthusiasm and wisdom is been something we treasure.

At the age of 18, Bob Beaumont joined his father in a small business selling tiles and other wholesale goods to the building trade. Together they grew the business while Bob studied marketing at the South Australian Institute of Technology, later known as the University of South Australia. In 1978 Bob became General Manager and Beaumont Tiles grew to multiple locations.

Today the business is the largest tile retailer in Australia with over 100 outlets (about half company owned and half franchises) as well as extensive trade operations in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Over the years, Bob has been constantly supported by his incredible wife, Sue, who has also been very much part of the business. For over 30 years, Sue was Staff development officer at Beaumont Tiles. So together, they created a formidable team!

Beaumont Tiles has become known as a trusted Australian business with a great team and a proud 61-year history. Beaumont Tiles employs more than 450 people in addition to those employed by their franchises. In 2021, Bob and Sue sold Beaumont Tiles to Bunnings, Australia’s Largest Hardware store, although Beaumont Tiles continues to be a separate entity to Bunnings.
Since then, Sue and Bob have embraced retirement and loving every moment!

They have been incredibly generous with their time and shared a wonderful podcast episode with me to discuss the importance of creating and maintaining a resilient mindset. Enjoy it! xx

CLICK HERE to WATCH the episode,
The Importance of Creating & Maintaining a Resilient Mindset

The Importance of Creating & Maintaining a Resilient Mindset

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Have a brilliant week!
I hope you can feel the positive vibes within these podcast episodes flying your way!!
All my love and best wishes,
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