How your Brain Stress Centre Influences You

Hello! How are you?! xx

It has been so wonderful to hear all your brilliant results from the Release tight hips & back with Clinical Somatic Movement series.

If you would still like to part of this lovely focused month of "Somatic in September" you are really welcome. You have the ability to download all the previous LIVE workshops and the opportunity to join me LIVE this weekend. If you are unable to watch LIVE, you will be sent the REPLAY link and have the ability to download that workshop too before the end of September 2022.

Once you have purchased the digital course "Release Tight Hips & Back with Clinical Somatic Movement" you are automatically included in 'Somatic in September.'

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Release tight hips & ease back pain with Clinical Somatic Movement,
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This week's podcast episode will touch briefly on a subject which I will discuss further during the final workshop this weekend. If you would to gain a taster of what I will delve into, enjoy this week's podcast episode.

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How your Brain Stress Centre Influences You

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How your Brain Stress Centre Influence You,

I am absolutely loving this month with you and seeing how quickly you can reset your muscle length, create greater range of movement, ease pain and discomfort whilst increasing your awareness to your health and wellbeing with neuromuscular information, advice and tips.

If you have been sitting on the fence and wondering if you should join, come and join me and the global community for our final week. You won't be disappointed. You will learn lots of valuable information to take away and apply in your daily life.

Plus you can download all the previous workshops from this month until the end of September.



As always, send your questions to me because I will cover them in future podcast episodes. Leave your questions at

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Have a brilliant week!
See you at the weekend for workshop 4!
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Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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