Weed out negative thoughts

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How are you? A huge thank you for your incredible messages and also thank you for sharing your private stories with me, it means so much to know you can confide in me and find support within the Total Somatics membership.

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Total Somatics returned to the UK!

Last weekend I held a 3 hour workshop in Worcester, UK. It was fantastic to see the wonderful results and changes within a short amount of time. Plus teaching people how to create flexibility and resilience in their nervous system is key to Total Somatic health & wellbeing.

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As we continue building on the awareness skills and knowledge with our theme Mindful in May, let us consider the power of your mindset. To identify when a disempowering belief is entering your mind or the pattern of ruminating thoughts is starting to take hold, could you learn to weed out that negative thoughts?

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Weed out negative thoughts,

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Weed out negative thoughts,


Within the online shop, you will find plenty of support and resources to start addressing many of the effects that subconscious brain patterning can have on your muscles and joints. Enjoy working with specialised techniques that are intelligent in their approach to rewiring your brain and 'waking up' areas that have been on 'auto pilot' for a long time due to stress, habits, post operative reasons and injuries, just to name a few!


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