Move out of your Comfort Zone and Embrace Change

Are you feeling “stuck in a rut?” Do you feel you live a life similar to the movie “Groundhog day” where you appear to do the same things day in and day out? Do you tell yourself limiting beliefs such as “I don’t want to rock the boat” or “I’ll keep quiet and keep the peace.” Maybe you worry about what others think and say “I don’t want people to think badly of me and get the wrong impression of me.” Are you the type of person to say “No, It’s too risky. What happens if it doesn’t work” or “I have no control over this.”

In today’s blog we are going to examine these expressions and see how what we feed our subconscious mind, will lead to us loosing out on opportunities and enriching our lives with wonderful experiences and memories.

Many people will often blame others, the world around around them, political leaders or their socioeconomic situation for the way that they are. This mindset is dis-empowering and also makes us less accountable for OUR actions. In order to grow every day in our personal growth and development, we must realise that for changes to occur in our life, we have to take action to CREATE them. Granted, some situations are out of our control such as chronic illness, but that doesn’t stop us controlling what we fill our mind with. When we embrace change and opportunities, we reclaim our power and energy back.

If you observe human nature, I am sure you have met 20 something years olds with a very fixed mindset. Every possible positive opportunity or idea you present to them, they create a barrier or obstacle. This situation can also occur with exploring new experiences. Some young people may have decided not to explore life and are resigned to being ‘old’ in their head.

Whereas I am sure you have met some amazing older people who are still 17 in their head! They chuckle and laugh. They explore new opportunities. They continue to fill their mind with information and thrive on learning new things all the time.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself that people who are happy to move out of their comfort zone are super confident and are assertive. But that would be incorrect. Many people have learned to feel uneasy stepping outside their comfort zone. It is not always easy, but usually they have been shrewd and worked out how to make a sensible step forward into further growth and development.

The Total Somatics Approach to Health and Wellness ( looks at all areas of our health. The primary focus of Total Somatics is to develop a daily mindful movement practise which will help reduce pain, improve posture and flexibility and help you return to the activities you love to do…and try new ones! If you have read my other blogs over the years, you will know that Mindset is very closely linked with our Somatic (mind and body) health. Unless we address our Mindset, our daily somatic practise will purely be a mechanical exercise.

So let’s consider a few steps how we can step outside of our comfort zone and develop a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.


Be a ‘Doer’

In a recent Facebook and Instagram post I popped a brilliant picture on my account.

Many people talk about what they plan to do, but they never actually do anything about it. Others are critical of either ones ‘giving it a go’ or of attempting to step outside of their comfort zone. Then ‘the doers’ just give it a go. They may often be quiet and shrewd, working out their best options and TAKING ACTION. This new choice could be a new job opportunity, setting up a business, taking a trip around the world or something else you desire.
The first step is the biggest move you could make. Take it!

Develop Self belief

One of the biggest obstacles a person can have is self belief. So often a person will not pursue an experience or opportunity because they have low self esteem and worth. They don’t feel they deserve it. BUT STOP THIS LIMITING BELIEF.
If you would like to apply for a job which is higher than your current status, go for it.
To begin with, get comfortable with your own accomplishments. If you find self praise uncomfortable, then create a comfortable way you can identify your qualities, gifts and talents. Write down your own achievements, experiences and qualifications. Then write down your strengths and good qualities. Once you have identified them for yourself and TRULY BELIEVE what you have written, then you will be more convincing either applying for that job or walking into your boss’ office and asking for a pay rise or promotion.

Be a Conversation Starter

If you are shy or you feel nervous to talk to new people, you’re not alone. But in order to grow as a person, we need to step out of our comfort zone. Meeting and talking to new people is a great way to learn and grow. In a world centred around technology, people are becoming less interactive with their mouths to speak and more active with their fingers as they text and type! So could we instigate a good old fashioned conversation? Could we look at a person’s face instead of the top of their head by starting a conversation? You really do learn and meet some amazing people when you instigate a conversation. Could you step out of your comfort zone and start a conversation? You’ll be surprised how enjoyable it really is.

Be True to Yourself

Always be true to yourself. Don’t be a chameleon and fit in with your company, if you feel you are selling yourself short. Always stay true to your core values, because that is what matters and helps you feel a inner calm and peace. Just be your true, authentic self.

Take your Foot off the Gas

Are you in that figurative hamster’s wheel, racing along but actually going nowhere? Do you feel that you are often chasing your tail? If you continue in this vein, you will crash and burn. As we are keen to live a somatic, balanced life, we know that running around like a headless chicken is not productive towards our physical, emotional and mental health. We have to break this self destructive pattern. Learn to say NO. Setting boundaries to how much you will take on. Don’t try and please everybody. Remember the previous points we have considered, put a value on your worth and be true to yourself. Create a BALANCE in your health and well being.

Develop a Daily Somatic Practise

By synchronising our mind and body with a daily mindful somatic movement practise, we must also acknowledge that our entire life course, mindset and belief system will reflect in our internal health. If we don’t nurture and cherish OURSELVES from the inside out, we will suffer. Our SOMA (mind and body) is our home for many years. So we want to live in a healthy, balanced and happy environment.

Allow me to guide you through the Total Somatics Online Programs at It is the first structured online program in the world to bring many areas together such as mindset, somatic movement, mindfulness, lifestyle factors plus much more. It had been designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle which is achievable when we take action in the areas I guide you through. It is self paced and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to teaching you these amazing skills.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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    Great and very relateable article in my opinion, keep it up!

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