Mindful In May – Week 4 – Placing importance on Posture

In this week’s blog we will continue the Theme of ‘Mindful in May’ and look at different areas as our life and consider ways to develop The Total Somatics Approach to Mindfulness.

Check out my video below. After the video, allow me to develop this subject further.

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The importance of good posture

According to Harvard Medical School, a healthy posture is important for maintaining good balance. When you have a good posture either standing or sitting, your weight transfer is even throughout and directly over the mid line or centre of your body. When we consider the importance of weight transfer through our feet and pelvis, we realise how crucial this is towards maintaining good health and biomechanics, or the way we move.

When we consider poor posture, we know there are many common health conditions linked with it. Musculoskeletal pain and degeneration of joints occur with poor posture because it alters the framework of our skeleton. Poor posture also impacts on our internal organs and diaphragm. A slouched posture creates limited space for full expansion of the diaphragm on inhalation, leaving the cells and tissues of the body low in sufficient amounts of oxygen. A slouched posture also reduces the amount of space within the abdominal region and as a result impacts on digestive and reproductive function.

People with very straight and upright postures can also suffer. If a person has a very straight upper back, their lower back is often swayed with the appearance of their bottom sticking out. This posture can be seen with dancers, gymnasts and people who practise Yoga. The type of personality to exhibit this posture are individuals who like to keep busy and work through stress. They condition themselves to keep their mind occupied with lots of activities and not think about issues (which could date back years) which need to be addressed. They thrive at living on adrenaline and can become oblivious to the fact they are addicted to feel that buzz of “go, go, go” throughout their day. As a result they live life at full throttle, filling every part of their day with activities, jobs and tasks. With this posture, they are prone to suffering with lower back pain, hip and/or knee pain, plantar fasciitis, neck, shoulder and jaw discomfort.

So this week, I have provided an audio to help you increase your awareness or mindfulness to how you move and stand. Start to heighten your awareness of the weight transfer through your feet. Are you able to bring your awareness to your posture throughout the day? Could you see areas where you can reset your posture so your weight transfer is even through both feet? If you are sitting down, is your weight transfer even through both bum cheeks?

Allow the cues in my following audio to help you increase your mindfulness to how you stand and walk.


With the cues I have provided in the audio, enjoy increasing your somatic awareness or mindfulness skills to how you move and stand throughout the week. From these cues notice where possible throughout your week, where you can start shifting your weight transfer so you can develop a healthier, balanced posture.

Have a great week.

Take care,

Heidi Hadley xx







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