Tapping into our body’s self healing properties

Hello, how is your week going? During the last week, it has been fantastic connecting with many of you from around the world with The Total Somatics LIVE Experience online. The workshop series created huge shifts and profound changes for many. It has been wonderful hearing from so many of you and seeing the before and after photos from your Total Somatic Movement practice.

The power of our own self healing properties were witnessed and experienced by many of you globally during the Total Somatics LIVE Experience.
Thank you for spending time with me either live or watching the replays. xx

During the Total Somatics LIVE Experience, the membership doors officially opened. The doors to the membership are only open for a few days and then will close again, allowing me to continue focusing on the Total Somatics members and their health.

The membership doors close at 11.59pm EST on Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

If you are reading this before the doors close, CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

If you are reading this after the doors close and would like to know the next time the doors open, CLICK HERE to be notified.

One of the added bonuses of The Total Somatics Membership is having amazing Health & Wellbeing experts from around the world creating content for Total Somatics members to further increase their awareness to somatic wellbeing. Recently Dawn Pensack gifted the Total Somatics Members with a series on EFT.

For members: To access Dawn's series, go to "Lifestyle" within the online program.

To complement the EFT series Dawn has created for the members, I recently interviewed Dawn about EFT, how she came to be a Master practitioner and some of the amazing success stories she has had with her clients.

To listen to this week's episode with Dawn Pensack, CLICK HERE.

With the growing number of members and experts from around the world, it is wonderful to see how Total Somatics is serving people, bringing education, awareness and somatic living to their daily pursuits.

Enjoy this podcast episode with the beautiful Dawn Pensack and I also hope to be able to support you within the Total Somatics Membership.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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