Somatics – The Key to Reducing Back Pain and Improving Posture.

Do you suffer with back pain and/or poor posture? Are you finding the pain appears to be increasing in severity and frequency? Do you find when you are in pain you feel overwhelmed? This is a very common issue.

Pain, either chronic or acute creates dis-empowering thoughts. When we struggle with pain we can start feeling overwhelmed and a sense of doom and gloom sets in. We may feel our thoughts are completely consumed by how we feel. I see clients in my private practice often wishing they could go back 20 years and tell themselves to take better care of their health. Is there an age when it is too late? No, our mind and body are constantly adapting and changing to our environment. The combination of movement and a positive mindset are paramount.

Somatics, Neuroplasticity and Habits

Somatics is the key movement practise to develop if you would like to reduce pain, improve your posture, increase mobility, develop mindfulness and enhance your overall quality of life. Somatics consists of gentle movements to improve your brain to body connection. Somatic movement allows your brain to teach your muscles when to relax and contract at the appropriate time.

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself when and how did your shoulders become so rounded? Do you sometimes wonder why certain clothes just don’t seem to sit correctly on your shoulders? Have you ever wondered why you also seem to lean to one side either on photos or whilst sitting in the car or at your desk? This is because your body and biology has become your biography. From your daily habits, stressful events in life and movement (or lack of it), your biology and body has become a walking testimonial to the choices you have made.

These changes occur due to the process of Neuroplasticity. From previous blogs, you will know I have discussed Neuroplasticity in great detail. Here are just a few….

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Due to the process of neuroplasticity, poor posture and muscle tension can occur. Why? If you perform an action, movement or behaviour long enough your brain will direct your muscles to change their level of tension and length. So if you have developed a slumped posture, a distinctive limp as you walk or a habitual sitting position, your neuromuscular (nervous and muscular) system will adapt to the environment. This can lead to an increase in pain level, limited mobility, strain on your joints and further health issues.

The advantage of neuroplasticity also means that we are able to reverse the patterns and behaviours your muscles have created. Using the 3 step process in Somatics known as PANDICULATION, we can reset muscle length and improve the efficiency of your muscles. Pandiculation involves by mindfully moving your muscles in a certain way.

Would you like to improve your health and well being by leading a life with less pain, greater range of movement, healthier posture and living with a calmer mindset towards life? The Total Somatics Approach to Health and Wellness Online Program will teach you life skills in the area of Somatic movement, mindset and mindfulness. I have created audios, videos, podcasts and additional support material to help you embrace somatic health and wellness into your life.

Clients from around the world have benefited greatly from The Total Somatics Online Program.

One of my clients in the UK emailed to say the following,

“I feel huge benefits from my daily Somatics practise. I enjoy hearing your voice as you guide and support me through my movement session. There are days when I leave the house without practising Somatics. When I do, I notice the difference. Practising Total Somatics every day shapes my day and prepares my body for work. Thank you for creating Total Somatics Heidi.”

Would you like to change old habits which have created pain, limited mobility, poor posture and a reduction in the quality and enjoyment of your life? Would you like to learn life skills which will empower you with your health and well being?


The Total Somatics Approach to Health and Wellness Online Program will teach you Somatic Movement, how to apply mindfulness into your Somatics practise and gain a deeper understanding into the importance of mindset. I am available at whenever you need guidance and support with The Online Program. If you have any additional questions, I am here for you.

I look forward to introducing Total Somatics to your life and hear of your benefits.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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