Improving the quality of breathing

Hello, how have you been during the first week of Total Somatics' Mindful in May? It has been great hearing from so many of you. I am looking forward to connecting with you all during The 5 Day Total Somatics' LIVE experience.

Consider the theme for Week 2 of Mindful in May in the following video.

Notice during the week if the majority of your day consists of a specific pattern of breathing, is it short and rapid? Is it deep and slow? Notice how much movement comes from your rib cage when you breathe. I will explain during The 5 Day Total Somatics LIVE Experience how rigidity in your rib cage contributes towards neck, shoulder, arm, back and hip pain, just to name a few.

During the 5 day experience, I will teach you how to look globally and with soft eyes at your entire body, rather than focusing on just one area, after all, as you will learn between Monday 24th and Friday 28th May, your brain patterns muscle tension throughout your body in relation to different factors.

From Monday 24th - 28th May I will be holding LIVE events.

The events will start every day at

9pm Australian Eastern time, 12noon UK, 7am Eastern time and 4am Pacific time.

The events will also be recorded, so if you are unable to join me LIVE, there will be an opportunity to watch the replays.

The 5 Day Total Somatics LIVE experience will combine knowledge and skills. However between the Workshops on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there will be implementation and Q&As sessions on the Tuesday and Thursday. I want to deliver this amazing work to you, so you can feel the benefitsof reduced pain, improved posture, increased mobility and greater awareness of your daily activities and habits to address recurring issues.

During this focused month of Total Somatic Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness, there will be no Podcasts released. I would like you to invest time in your health and wellbeing by watching my video series and joining me from Monday 24th-28th May for The 5 day Total Somatics LIVE Experience.

TO SECURE your FREE spot in the workshops,

I look forward to meeting you soon!
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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