How to boost your Brain – part 3

In this week’s blog we will consider the final article of the 3 part series on how to boost your brain. In the last few weeks we have considered various ways we can improve neurogenesis, the creation of new brain cells. Today we will consider the most powerful way to increase neurogenesis and how easy it is to implement into your daily activities.


Brisk walking, weight bearing exercise and aerobic exercise have all been shown to stimulate neurogenesis. The reason aerobic exercise stimulates neurogenesis is because oxygen uptake is received at a higher rate into the blood stream due to fast breathing and the intensity of movement. Interestingly enough, in 2017 a study linked ageing with exercise and revealed that when older people exercise it slows down ageing. Regular exercise in older people showed that they still produced T cells into their later years, which plays a huge role in the immune system. This is really interesting to note because after the age of 20 years, the Thymus, which produces T cells begins to shrink. So to hear T cell production very active in older people that exercise is fantastic.


Research has also shown that learning and remembering movement was even more powerful for the brain than cycling, brisk walking and other aerobic exercise. Movement which includes a routine or choreographed format has a huge impact on the hippocampus. To recall the role of the hippocampus, CLICK HERE. Creating an extra challenge, recalling choreography and also interpreting cues for movement, such as with mindful somatic movement is highly beneficial for the brain and neurogenesis. The size of the hippocampus increases and actually reverses the signs of an ageing brain.

When you do something new, your brain absolutely loves it and embraces the novelty. Your brain awakens in the new and becomes curious. Stimulating your brain with something new will actually lighten up areas within your cortex. It will create neurogenesis as your brain begins to create new pathways to organise and retain new information.

There is a fine line however between novelty and too much change. If we change too much too soon, it can stimulate an internal stress response, slowsing down neurogenesis. When we combine a mindful, calm approach in the form of somatic movement, we can create neurogenesis, release long held habits which have caused tight, tense muscles and also keep your central nervous system relaxed enough to stay within the rest and digest mode and yet be responsive to learning new information. When your nervous system is relaxed, you are able to absorb new information and learn.

To help support you, I have created a mindful somatic movement audio which has been designed to release muscle tension and tightness through your hips, back, legs and ankles. You will also notice that when you practice this movement, your upper body will also feel looser. The reason for this is because when you release tension from the centre of your body, your hips, belly and back, you will have greater shock absorbency and fluidity with your movements. Your pain will reduce, your movement will improve, you will notice a difference in your posture, level of tension through your back and hips (just to name a few places), plus develop mindfulness. This creates a whole new neural landscape within your brain, changing the areas that dominate and create stress, muscle tightness and poor posture to creating new healthy habits. These healthy habits will help to reduce the incidence of recurring injuries and "flare ups."

Create time each day to implement this movement practice into your life. As you begin to become familiar with the movements, start to be creative and consider how you could improvise and do them standing up or sitting down. Doing this will help you stimulate further neurogenesis, continually developing on from your personal practice. Start thinking outside the box, create novelty and enjoy feeling your mind and body relax and move more freely.

Enjoy the FREE audio.  Let me know how this audio has helped you with your health conditions.

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