How your emotions are held within your body

Hello! How are you? It has been great hearing from so many of you regarding our upcoming 3 part FREE LIVE workshop together at the end of this month. If you are unable to watch LIVE, there will be an opportunity to watch it back on REPLAY for a few days.

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Emotions and your body

As you know from my podcasts, blogs and especially if you are a member of my online program, you will be aware of how our emotions shape our posture, movements and physiology. This is an area that is also covered within the membership because when people join Total Somatics, they realise that Mindset is as equally as important as Somatic Movement. Within the Total Somatics Membership, this is an area I often cover and within our Members' private Facebook group, I show up to support them as I help to answer and work through their questions, challenges or other enquiries.

Somatic In September - Emotions

Several years I created a theme for Total Somatics centred around the month of September, entitled "Somatic in September." Every year I have continued this theme and it is a great way of reminding us all how to become more aware of how we can manage our health and wellbeing from the inside out.

To compliment our upcoming 3 FREE part series ONLINE, I have created a podcast episode to delve into how your emotions show up in your body. With the information and awareness practice for you to take away from this podcast, It provides a great basis for this area which I will discuss in greater in the Total Somatics LIVE Experience at the end of this month.

To Listen to this week's podcast, How your emotions show up in your body, CLICK HERE.

As the Total Somatics membership has grown over the years, I have been very fortunate to have experts from around the world reach out to me and look at ways we can collaborate to support people globally. Recently the Total Somatics' members had a BONUS workshop with Dr Jin Ong. The workshop was in harmony with this week's podcast, she taught the group how deep emotions are held within your body. For Total Somatics' members, you can find the workshop in the "Lifestyle" section with all the other wonderful experts from around the world.

Recently I interviewed Dr Jin Ong on The Somatic Movement & Mindset Podcast. Enjoy the BONUS podcast episode for this week. Learn more about Dr Jin's work and how important it is to start listening to your body.

To listen to Dr Jin Ong's podcast episode, CLICK HERE

I can't wait to meet you! xx

As the weeks get closer to us meeting online with the Total Somatics LIVE Experience, it is great hearing from so many of you. I look forward to showing you how Total Somatics is helping people all around the world and you will also get the opportunity at this FREE event to experience the power of your mind and body, learning how quickly with the 3 step process I will teach you how to reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility and develop mindfulness throughout your day to also address recurring injuries and pain.

Have a fantastic week, keep in touch and see you very soon xx
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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