Stress Relief with Clinical Somatics

Hi everyone!

I hope you are keeping well.

I’m thinking of hosting an online Stress relief with Clinical Somatics event! The idea came to me when we were inundated with questions during the first week of my monthly membership launch. Added to this, I have been hosting webinars to various associations and companies during the last 4 weeks around Australia and the UK on the subject of Stress relief with Clinical Somatics. 

I thought why not bring workshops like this to you at home by making it online?! The idea I have is to host monthly events in conjunction to you having unlimited access to the Total Somatics Online program. The monthly events and online program are designed to connect anyone who wants to develop their understanding, skills and knowledge on how to reduce pain, improve postureincrease mobility, ease muscle tension and reduce stress with Clinical Somatics.  No matter where you are, whether you can manage stress or not, are new to the field of Clinical Somatics or just curious, I want to create a place where we can all learn skills to help us do better at what we love to do and really get to know, understand and care for our health and wellbeing better.

Is this something that interests you? Would you like to reduce pain, lower your stress and release muscle tension, so you can resume or continue living your life to the full with ease? 

I am inviting you to join me as a founding member of Total Somatics!

As a founding member you will be guiding the direction that Total Somatics takes as you are first to experience our specialist workshops and events.  And for this I would like to give you a forever lowest membership rate.

If you would like to become a Founding Member of Total Somatics send me a direct message on social media (IG: total.somatics or FB: TotalSomatics) or email 

I am so excited for you to join me at our first online Total Somatics event !

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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