Addressing tight hamstrings, calves & plantar fasciitis

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Special announcement

I am really excited to be welcoming a pelvic floor expert into the membership this week. Members will see the pelvic floor workshop within the "experts/lifestyle" section by the end of this week. You will also find a past Total Somatics workshop on the pelvic floor within this section to compliment what is covered from our health expert. This section will be rich in resources! Enjoy! xx

Also in next week's podcast episode, you will hear from our pelvic floor expert. I have interviewed her and she is so lovely, I know you will love the episode and her! So look and listen out for that episode!

Members will also find there is a new section within the membership. You will find an additional 'blue box' with the title 'Fibro/CFS/Burn out.' This section covers many topics within the areas of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, POTS and burn out. You will find it contains lots of resources and Total Somatic Movement that will support you from day to day. This section is also rich in resources and support material!

Notice one member's comments to this new section...

Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast

The Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast is growing in popularity around the world and the interest has been amazing! Thank you for taking time to listen or watch my episodes. We are approaching our 100th episode, so I am thinking how as a global community, we can make it special! It is wonderful having a community of like minded Somas from all areas of the earth, wanting to grow and develop, showing love, gratitude and compassion to themselves and others! You are part of this wonderful global community. Thank you. xxx
If you have any ideas, I would love to hear from you! I would like to make this episode extra special!

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Tight hamstrings? Solid calves? Plantar fasciitis?

Did you know that your recurring lower back pain can be triggered by your tight hamstrings? Have you found that walking or running has created a huge amount of pain and discomfort in your feet and lower legs? If so, enjoy this week's podcast in which I address these very issues.

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Within the online shop, you will find plenty of support and resources to start addressing many of the effects that subconscious brain patterning can have on your muscles and joints. Enjoy working with specialised techniques that are intelligent in their approach to rewiring your brain and 'waking up' areas that have been on 'auto pilot' for a long time due to stress, habits, post operative reasons and injuries, just to name a few!


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