Mindful In May – Week 2 – Connect with Nature

In this week’s blog we will continue the Theme of ‘Mindful in May’ and look at different areas in our life and consider ways to develop The Total Somatics Approach to Mindfulness.

Check out my video below. After the video, allow me to develop this subject further.


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Connect with Nature

The Total Somatics Approach to Mindfulness is designed to empower and educate you in the area of health and wellness. Mindfulness is an activity we should all endeavour to incorporate in to our daily lives because research in to mental, emotional and physiological health is stacking up and revealing the huge benefits to our well being. As a result, allowing us to become more resilient during times of stress and pressure.

The Total Somatics Approach to Mindfulness is helping you rediscover an activity which at one time you would have practised, but due to pressure, demands and life events, you have simply forgotten what and how to do it. With adult life comes a conditioning to set rules, acquiring knowledge, using memory as our filter to create judgement and at times impulsive decisions. We can lose our natural, curious, inquisitive, playful and adventurous self because society expects us to act in a certain way.

However, when we break away from the mould of habitual behaviour and actions and ‘stop and smell the roses’ we start to notice so much more around us.

When we become mindful we heighten our awareness and connect with nature. We start to use more of our conscious mind and develop the skills of focus, awareness and concentration. When we live a lifestyle which consists of racing around doing lots of errands, hobbies, jobs, committing to courses and finding it hard to say “No,” we live the majority of our time subconsciously or unconsciously. As a result, our actions are impulsive, allowing little time for ourselves to rest and recuperate and leaving us vulnerable to developing stress related illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disorders, anxiety, sleeplessness and low immune function.

Consider a few ways we can break this subconscious mindset of feeling the need to always have lots of activities, which at times can be distracting our mind from worries and possible past events. Start to live consciously and enjoy the moment.

Consider these examples. Notice your breath, is it rapid? Is it shallow? Is it deep? Notice your body. What is tense? What is relaxed? What aromas can you smell? If you touch a leaf or flower, can you really focus on that texture? Notice how does it feel? Smooth? Rough? Patterned? Notice the temperature of the air on your face. Is it warm? Is there a cold breeze hitting one side of your face?

When we take time out in nature, we allow our soma, which in Somatics refers to our whole person (inclusive of our mind and body) to recharge, recalibrate and reset so that we are able to continue with our daily activities in a more productive manner, with one task performed at a time.

Place value and worth on your health and well being and start implementing the Total Somatics Approach to Mindfulness in your daily activities from today.

Have a brilliant week!

Take care,

Heidi Hadley xx






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