Habits shape who you are

Hello! How are you? I hope you have enjoyed a new level of awareness with the task I encouraged you to considered in the first of three podcast episodes developing the theme, Somatic in September.

If you haven't listened to Episode 70,
How your emotions show up in your body, CLICK HERE.

Human behaviour and habits

As we have experienced since March 2020, human behaviour has changed. People have had to adapt to new work and school environments with many individuals who call themselves 'techno-phobes' impressing themselves with learning how to use Zoom and other forms of connection and communication! This has been a wonderful example of resilience in human behaviour and also a lesson in moving out of our comfort zone and embracing new experiences and challenges.

Habits are created when we repeat something so often that it become repetitive and we no longer even realise we are doing it. This can be a good thing, however in some cases it can influence our health and wellbeing in a detrimental way. The lessons we have learned since March 2020 highlight that we are truly amazing because we have a beautiful brain and body willing to adapt and change if we are willing to create change for the better of our health and wellbeing.

In this week's podcast episode entitled, Habits shape who you are, I delve in to detail and also leave you with an awareness practice to consider before the third podcast episode in this mini series. This 3 part series has been designed to frame how you and I will develop this theme in the final Total Somatics LIVE Experience for 2021.

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Enjoy developing the awareness practice I highlight in this week's podcast.

I am so excited to teach you how powerful this work is. Within the 3 Part FREE Total Somatics LIVE Experience, you will feel the benefits of Total Somatic Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness.

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