Back Pain & how to manage it

Hello, how are you keeping? Recently I held one of the monthly members' workshop online and it was great revisiting the foundations of somatic movement and the principles. Interestingly enough, there are members that have been with Total Somatics for several years and they mentioned the workshop opened their eyes to a whole new area of their muscle, fascia and nerve health. That is what is great about The Total Somatics Membership, I keep up to date with the neuroscience, pain management skills and techniques to bring everyone in the membership the best and latest methods to target your needs and requirements.

Many people that join The Total Somatics' membership find that understanding how to access and release areas of their body which they had no idea was related to their pain and discomfort, creates huge shifts and changes within the level of their muscle tension and mobility. Within Total Somatics, I teach you how to treat your amazing mind and body together. As you will be aware over the years your physical, emotional, mental and energetic health are all intertwined, the one heavily influences the others. That is why within Somatics, we refer to our whole being as our SOMA.

To listen to a previous podcast (episode 23) on how your emotions and mindset influence back pain, CLICK HERE and scroll down to EPISODE 23.

To complement Podcast episode number 23, I have created the LATEST EPISODE entitled How to deal with back pain. Within this episode, you will learn how within The Total Somatics membership, I teach you how to create a GLOBAL approach to your health and wellbeing.

To listen to the latest podcast episode, How to deal with back pain, CLICK HERE.

The Total Somatics community

The Total Somatics community is fantastic and many over the years have enjoyed having the interaction with each other. Within The Total Somatics' membership, there is another community in which I support and serve the members with their burning questions and I tailor the entire membership and teaching around what they require. This has really helped to provide focus and clarity for the members, helping them reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility and develop a greater awareness of their daily activities. It has been wonderful watching friendship groups join the Total Somatics membership, helping to create a further support to each other as they start delving into areas of their somatic health and wellbeing.

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Keep an eye out for some special events happening in May with Total Somatics. I will be providing additional support to you all, so to stay up to date with dates, events and announcements, CLICK HERE to hear it first!

Online shop

If you would like to get started on reducing pain, improving posture, increasing your mobility and deepening your awareness to your daily activities, CLICK HERE to view The Total Somatics' Online store.

Within the Online store, there are audio classes to target specific regions of your body. There is also a 3 part series which covers Somatic movement, mindset, mental wellbeing and proactive measures to create resilience and flexibility within your nervous system, which in turn will have huge beneficial effects to your muscles, joints, aches and pain.

As always, I am here to support and help you with your health and wellbeing. So please reach out to me with any questions and queries. If you have recently contacted me using the Contact form and haven't heard from me, please reach out to me again. I am here for you.

All my love and best wishes.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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