Mindful in May – Week 3

I hope you are enjoying your mindful practise and have had a good week. This week we are going to add another level of mindfulness and somatic awareness to your daily activities.

Check out my 1 minute video below and then let me explain more.

Our breath rate is a reflection of our central nervous system. If we notice we have short shallow breathing (which is not due to pregnancy or health related issues), we can actively slow down the stress response within our central nervous system by inducing deep rhythmical breaths. I have discussed about the “fight or flight” stress response many times in previous blogs. To learn what it is in greater detail and how it impacts our health, check out my blog below…

Do you REACT or RESPOND to stressful situations?

Task 3 - Mindful Somatic Breathing

I have created a 10 minute Mindful Somatic Breathing audio for you. Allow yourself to sense and feel your breathing. Listen to my cues. Notice how it makes you feel. Last week I encouraged you to notice the 3 steps involved with pandiculation, the contraction, slow release and complete relaxation/rest. Notice how these 3 steps also appear with mindful breathing. Listen to my cues as I bring your attention to it.

Could you create time each day during the week to implement this somatic breathing practise into your routine? Notice how it makes you feel to both your mind and body after taking time out to allow your central nervous system to rest and digest. To fully benefit from this audio, wear headphones to reduce external stimuli and listen to the accompanying binaural beats which will slow down your brain waves. Enjoy! x

Could you apply the principles of somatic breathing into your daily activities?

As you go about your daily activities this week, increase your awareness to your breath. Notice when you feel anxious or your breathing becomes fast or shallow. Actively take steps to breathe deeply to slow down your stress responses and create homeostasis or a state of balance within.

Keep in touch and let me know how Mindful Somatic Breathing is helping you.

Have a lovely week.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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