Part 2 -Somatics and Mindful practise

Living life in the present


In my previous blog I discussed the importance of developing mindfulness with somatics. I highlighted how I have and continue to change my actions and behaviour in order to live a more somatic or holistic life.


Today I am going to highlight how we can be less focused on the goal or activity and rather we focus on the experience.
Take for example a recreational runner. How could a runner change their focus on their run? Maybe instead of running to beat a personal best, they could leave their “all singing and dancing” wrist devices at home which records their speed, distance and calories lost; and rather enjoy the sensation and experience of the run. Maybe the runner is wearing headphones with music pounding in their eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is fantastic to listen to music whilst you work out, it can really get you into your zone. But maybe on a run, we could get out of that “zone” and become more alert to the scenery, sounds and various scents around us. This example reminds me of my father in law a few years ago. My parents in law came out from the UK to Australia to visit us. We took them on an enjoyable hike through Morialta Falls in beautiful South Australia. Whilst walking and listening to the sounds of birds, frogs and the grunt/growl of the koalas, my father in law was amazed at the amount of recreational runners passing us with headphones on! He looked amazed and asked “why are they listening to music when they have these beautiful sounds around them?” I thought it was a valid question. Obviously he was a tourist and everything was new to him. But sometimes when we live a busy, mind full, chaotic, high pressure life, we begin to switch from our conscious into our subconscious mind. We are no longer living in the present moment. We race from one pursuit or demand to another without much thought. After a while, we live on our fight or flight mode and our body starts to tighten up more and more in response to stress and pressure.


So maybe if we are a runner or walker, we could adopt the attitude my father in law had. We may have run the same course on a daily or weekly basis for years. But maybe we could pretend it was our first time running or walking that track. Increase your awareness to the temperature of the air on your face. The temperature of the air through your nose. The smell of the flowers, trees or someone’s breakfast! Feel the movement in your body. Notice how you feel when you run or walk. Your regular somatics practise will help you heighten your awareness to how you move, sense and feel.


So don’t just “tick off” your run or walk as a job to do or as a piece of statistical information on your wristband monitor. Actually enjoy the experience. Allow your brain to soak up all this new information and increase your sensory awareness. Remember this mindful activity helps increase your skills of reading sensory feedback which can be applied during your personal somatics practise.


Make it your intention to live a more mindful and present life.
Beautiful Morialta Falls
somatic exercises
Fat koala in Morialta

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