The impact of Total Somatic Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness

Hello! How is your week going? I hope you are all keeping well xx

This week there will be a slight change to the podcast in this blog. Recently I was interviewed by two therapists from the USA, Petey Silveira and Sarah Burnett. Within their podcast, they interviewed me and I discussed how the combination of Total Somatic Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness are having a profound effect on people around the world. With members from over 10 countries, Total Somatics has become the 'go to' membership website for support, focus and clarity within an health area full of material. Within the Total Somatics membership and my qualifications in adult education, I have created a structured path with various teaching styles to suit all individuals.

The Total Somatics Membership doors are currently closed so I can be fully focused on all of the members. However, after listening to this week's podcast and checking out my podcast channel, 'Somatic Movement & Mindset', if you would like to pursue this powerful yet gentle area of health and wellbeing, CLICK HERE to sign up to the WAIT LIST. When you sign up to the WAIT LIST, you will find out when the doors open and any special FREE events that will be happening online.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to purchase audios and workshops within the ONLINE SHOP and get started with your Total Somatics approach to improved health and wellbeing.

To listen to the podcast interview which starts 20 minutes into the episode, CLICK ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW FROM THE VARIOUS PODCAST CHANNELS:

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Enjoy this episode as I discuss everything from muscle pain, tightness, tension, emotional/mental wellbeing, neuroscience, movement, mindset and mindfulness. The Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast series will resume next week with more insights and awareness in to your amazing mind and body.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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